lundi 9 mars 2020

Peste et choléra

Une sélection de morceaux musicaux diffusés librement, tels des virus...
Sélection du déni pré-confinement.
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et la PLAYLIST est là :
01. Dotz - Rythm of the night
02. Kataplismik - Virus
03. Surrounder - Not the corona song
04. Murray Royston-Ward - Language is a Virus
05. Le Cose Bianche - Virus
06. Nausicaa - New virus
07. Returning We Hear the Larks - The virus
08. Stealing Orchestra - The Nanotech Virus
09. Tendon Levey - Deep Seal Virus
10. The Ex with Ken Vandermark - That's Not A Virus
11. The Sediment Club - Cholera Bone Hustle
12. Ian Sab & Daevid Loyza - Le capitaine Crochet et les bisous
13. Bisou - Force 
14. Wings Of An Angel - When The Old World Collapsed And Was Replaced By A New One, I Expected The Newest Spick And Span Art That People Began Creating To Be Totally Different, Exciting, Cutting-Edge, But Alas, It Maintained The Same Expected Patterns, Tediously Recycled Ideas And Worn-Out Concepts And Chord Progressions